Email distruptions

If you have found this post, then you have found our new website.  That’s the good news.  With our new website came a new email service.   This has caused some problems.  It seems that the SPAM blockers in the new service are very aggressive.

We are working to resolve the issues.  If you have mail rejected, or you sent something and didn’t get a response, please call so that we can track down your email and “whitelist” you.  You can also use the contact forms on the website.  They have been tested and are working reliably.  To reach Patton, please use the form on the main contact page.  To reach Scott, use the form on his profile page.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve this website


A work in progress

Thanks for finding the new website for Gresham Law.  I have never been a big fan of those “under construction” pages that you see from time to time.  But in order to keep bringing you the latest information, I expect this website to be perpetually “in progress.”  Remember to keep checking back for more information.

— Patton