IANYL /a? e? ?n ?wa? ?l/ abbr. I Am Not Your Lawyer (yet . . .)

A lot of people read lawyer websites looking for insights for their specific situation.  Please understand, that does not make me your lawyer and you are not my client.  At least not yet.  I will only agree to be your lawyer after we have communicated directly, I have had a chance to do a conflict check, and we have discussed specifically what you need for me to do.  Obviously, that cannot happen if you are just reading my website.

So not only am I not your lawyer, TINLA. That is true even if you see a FAQ or a post that seems to describe your  situation.  Information you find here is necessarily made generic and only describes the general rule.  The problem is that the general rule may not apply in your situation.  If your facts are different, even facts that you don’t realize are important, then your answer may be different than the general rule.

Never fear, this is what lawyers do for a living.  Please give me a call, make an appointment, and we can discuss how I can help you.